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Yurt-Building Workshop and Camp-Out

April 29 – May 8, 2007

        Where: Austin and Rancho Richey Refuge, Belmont, Texas

          Who: carpenters, painters, do-it-yourselfers, students, Permaculturists, co-housers, co-op residents, musicians, home-schoolers, unschoolers, Scouts, tribe seekers . . .

           Why: Think outside the cube.

           How: Register by phoning 512/627-4097

Learn the essentials of building a quick, strong shelter or dwelling. Join the fun of prefabricating two (2) Yurts in Austin and assembling one in the campground at scenic Rancho Richey Refuge, 60 miles south near Gonzales. This Yurt will function as a fun “cabin” in the camp. Registration includes seminars, tent space, and catered and shared meals. Participants gain free future Yurt camping coupons, as well.

Detailed Info, Schedule, and Wish List

Designer W. S. Coperthwaite from the Yurt Foundation in Bucks Harbor, Maine, will direct the project. He’s built more than 300 Yurts worldwide, including ones in South Austin and at Mo Ranch and St. Stephen’s School.

Regarding the Plan

The Yurt design originated in the folk wisdom of ancient Mongolia where the prototype has, for thousands of years, withstood the steppes’ severe cold and violent winds. This structure provides an opportunity for people to play a larger role in creating their own shelter—especially for those desiring to live in simplicity—with the belief that a more personal, intimate relationship with the environment is desirable. A Yurt’s low profile and curved walls help it to blend with the local habitat. This design will not challenge, dominate, or contend with the landscape, but seek to be in harmony with it. The method requires minimal building skills but still provides beautiful, inexpensive, permanent shelter.

 We'll feed you for helping!

Call Howie Richey: 512/627-4097

The Setting: Located in an overlooked corner of South Central Texas between Gonzales and Seguin near Belmont, the rustic 183-acre Rancho Richey Refuge boasts a variety of natural habitats, including Guadalupe River wetlands, Post Oak woods, and open prairies. You’ll see such places as Hickory Hollow, Fox Gulch, Ravinia, Chalky Ridge, the Big Bottom, and Gar Oxbow. Since RRR isn’t public, you’re assured ample privacy and security.

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